Trixelvision (2014)
TRIXELVISION‘s goal is to develop an experimental live trichrome camera system using three modified PixelVision cameras. The system will be aimed at performing displaced RGB colour channel separation in real time, and ultimately seek to create a unique style of experimental analogue video.
It is not the aim of this project to create perfect and seamless colour video from black and white video sources; rather to explore and aggrandize the idiosyncrasies of a transcendent image, suited for artistic expression and experimentation.

Peking Duk – ‘Feels Like’ (2013)
Music video for popular Canberra based electronic duo, Peking Duk.
Produced by Thomas Kinsman. Directed by Max Miller and Jeff Johnson. A frank Meets Wolf production.

Godwolf – ‘Alone’ (2013) *Award Winner
Winner of the award for Best Electronic/Dance/Tecno Music Video – Australian Independent Music Video Awards 2013
Music video for Melbourne act, Godwolf.
Produced by Thomas Kinsman. Directed by Max Miller. A Frank Meets Wolf production.

Blandgram (2012 – Current)
An ‘originally unoriginal’ Instagram account paying homage to the mundane, vapid, and uninteresting world of online social media.

imagraphicartist.tumblr (2012 – Current)
A warped, jocular collection of digital paintings dedicated to the parody of posters for film sequels and television series that have not yet made it to our screens.

Dead Heart of The City (2012) *Award Winner
Winner for Best Film at the Made in Melbourne film festival.
A 12 minute, non-linear film about the beautiful complexities of memories and dreams.
Directed by Max Miller. 1st AD by Thomas Kinsman

Mega Delta Force 9 (2011)
Top Ten finalist at the ABC’s At the Movies 25th Anniversary Competition.
Trailer for mock 80s police drama set on the streets of Melbourne, Australia.
Starring an electrifying performance by local actor, screenwriter and composer, Seamus Duffy.

Untitled (2010/11)
A screenplay currently in its final draft, the feature-length work focuses on the stories of Melbournian disenfranchised housemates of the early 1990s.

The project takes form as an omnibus of eight 10-15 minute interconnected short films that play out the events of a 24-hour period. In each short film, we are introduced to a different sharehouse made up of youths with independent lifestyles, opinions, and philosophies that reflect the ideals of a generation trying to make sense of a senseless world.

The project endeavors to provide us with a window to the misunderstood, the disenfranchised, and the lost.

‘the cup project’ (2010) *Award Winner
Contributing artist and Distribution Manager on ‘the cup project’; a youth, not-for-profit, initiative publishing young emerging Australian artist profiles and their works on takeaway coffee cups. The project promotes awareness and recognition of young artists, and their amazing work, within the Melbourne community.
Winner of the 2011 ArtsHub Critic’s Choice Award for Innovation in the arts by an individual or group.
Winner of the 2010 Prime Minister’s Australian Youth Forum Challenge.

Alexander: The Not So Great (2009)
A 15-minute short film animated using a technique called ‘rotoscoping’. The project involved a post-production period spanning almost two years. Each frame in the film was meticulously traced over and coloured, resulting in a visually striking product.

Aimed at children, the film’s plot centres on young misfit ‘Alexander’, as he embarks on a quest to rescue his best friend from tyrannical, extraterrestrial fruit-men.

The Sorrowful Story of Michael McShane (2007)
Another animation, completed as a final semester project for the BA Multimedia course at RMIT. Created using a collection of Victorian etchings and woodcuts that were sourced from libraries, archives, and the Internet.

Rich in 19th Century illustration and imagery, the work follows the story of two boys who decide to lock their younger brother in an abandoned refrigerator.

Written as a moralistic children’s poem, Michael McShane was inspired by Heinrich Hoffmann’s timeless collection of dark nursery rhymes – ‘Der Struwwelpeter’.

Official selection at the 2010 3-Minute Film Festival, Santa Fe

Galaxy Blues (2007)
Written and directed as a homage to B-Grade 1950s Hollywood director ‘Ed Wood’, the short film / music video was produced in 2007 and accompanies a track from Melbourne-based group ‘The Tranquilizers’.
The film combines a mixture of animation, live action, and green screen special effects.

Anything? (2003) *Award Winner
My first inceptive experience in filmmaking came at age 18, with my winning entry in the inaugural TAC ‘Make a Film, Make a Difference’ competition in 2003. The 16mm short was funded on a budget of $20,000. The final product was shown in cinemas across the nation. Produced by TVC veteran, Helene Nicol, the work went on to win an award for Best Short Film at the 2007 UN ‘Palais des Nation’ in Geneva. Today, the film continues to be recognised and screened in a number of road safety programs across Australia.